Barbie Digital Makeover Mirror For Sale

Digital Makeup Makeover by Barbie

One of the most popular toys in the Toy Fair this year is Mattel's Barbie Digital Makeover Mirror. Many young girls will want to have this mirror to practice putting on make-up without actually putting makeup on their face.

It's a cool device which needs to be connected to an ipad for it to work. Scheduled for release this summer, this is surely going to be one of the most sought after toys by girls this year.

Know what this Barbie Digital Mirror can do below.
Note: As of time of writing, I can't find a good picture of the new Barbie Digital mirror yet. I will post it here when available. Meanwhile, check the video below to see what it looks like and what it does.

Barbie Mirror Makeover
What You Need To Get This Working

Like many of the toys that are being released this year, the Barbie Mirror Makeover is fully digital.
It requires at least an ipad 2 or an ipad mini for it to work. What it does is utilize blue tooth technology and facial recognition and voila! a super cool "make-believe" makeup machine!

So make sure you have an ipad before you buy this one, because this ain't gonna work without an ipad!
Barbie Digital Makeover Mirror For Real Get yourself all done up with the new Barbie Mirror

Check out what the Barbie Digital Makeover mirror does with this presentation at the toy fair.

What Do You Think Of The Barbie Digital Mirror Makeover? Do you think your little one will like this?

The Fun Begins: What The Barbie Digital Makeover Mirror Does

The Barbie Digital Makeover mirror is not just about putting on makeup.

Once you finish your work of art and you're happy with it, you can then take a digital image and save it into a lookbook which can hold many images at a time.

Like many other digital cameras for kids, these pictures can be embellished with frames, drawings, hair accessories and many other artistic stuff.

Afterwards, your child can send the image in an email or through a social media account if she is old enough to have one.

Buy Barbie Digital Makeover Mirror On Sale Barbie Digital Makeover Mirror Price
 All you need to know if you want to buy the new Barbie Digital mirror for sale

As I have written above, the Barbie Mirror makeover will be open for purchase in August this year.
It is expected to cost $69..99 and will be available in many online and offline stores.

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